In Focus: Moves in adjacent spaces, hybrid investment opportunities

Brightcove Video

This week on In Focus, Julie Rey-Gore and Patrick Whyte are discussing opportunities in Adjacent Spaces and how it is making an impact in investment news. 


"With many rich countries across the world seeing their populations age at a rapid rate, investors have long been looking at senior living as a sector with strong long-term fundamentals." But this time the approach will need to be different. Lean in for an interesting conversation discussing the importance of hotelisation, design, community and the overall guest experience when considering investing in this segment.

Our guest this week is Investment Director, Alastair Carmichael of HB Titan, a unique lending and investing hybrid company providing bespoke financial solutions for Real Estate, Tech and Hospitality. Carmichael discusses why they are bullish about hospitality and how alternative lenders are very much needed in the market at the moment. Don't miss that full interview with Patrick Whyte coming soon where they dive into the key sectors to invest in for the long term. 

Alastair will be joining us at IHIF in September to speak at the session The Debt Market: Reviewing Hotel Financing. 

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