The AHC Reimagined

On Thursday 8th October 2020, we banished bookshelves and ridded ourselves of zoom fatigue for just one day, bringing The AHC Reimagined to the forefront of the industry. Filmed in a live studio, The AHC Reimagined brought together the industry's leading experts with content that solidified The AHC ethos of learn, network and be inspired, providing networking and meeting opportunities to reunite the sector and enhance business.

SIR pulls Travelodge sale

Secure Income Reit has withdrawn its portfolio of Travelodge hotels for sale, despite reports that a deal had been struck with Aroundtown.

HI Sol

We've got you.

The pandemic has cost most of us our freedom to travel and revel in the fruits of the sector we call home. As we try to curtail the spread of the virus, these necessary restrictions are now costing many members of our community their jobs. 
We want to support the people who have supported us while the industry adapts and are offering six months’ free access to Hospitality Insights to those between jobs.

Please click here to apply.