IHIF 2020 Patron Sponsor Interview: Anders Nissen, CEO, Pandox

Anders Nissen

IHIF 2020 Patron Sponsor Interview: Anders Nissen, CEO, Pandox

1.    What will define hotel investment in 2020?
We see continued good liquidity in the market going into 2020. We also see that the trend is pointing more towards single assets and smaller portfolios rather than larger transactions.

2.    Is sustainability shifting further up the investment criteria?
Yes! As a listed company we see a much greater interest from the capital market on sustainability issues. Our experience is that the interest has also increased in mainland Europe, compared with some years ago when it was largely a Nordic issue. Pandox has gradually put much more focus on sustainability and is aiming for an even more active role in the industry’s development going forward.

3.    Do you see the “industry disruptors” (OYO and Airbnb, etc) as a positive or negative influence?
We see them as a positive factor, provided that they follow the rules and regulations in the countries where they operate and compete on fair terms.

4.    If you weren’t CEO at Pandox, what would you be doing?
That was an easy question: team captain of the Swedish national team in handball of course.

5.    Why are events, like IHIF, still important to attend in person. Couldn’t we just FaceTime?
There are a lot of positive things to say about IHIF, but what I particularly want to mention is the first-class network that always attends the event. No technology in the world can replace that!


Anders will participate in “Investor Panel: Playing the Long Game” on the opening day of IHIF 2020, Monday 2 March. In this session, investors anticipate future market trends and evaluate new risks to plan their longer-term strategies? The investor panel will look at the biggest trends affecting the business of hotel investment, including sustainable investment, sustainable operations, the risks of climate change, geopolitical disruption, regulatory changes and industry disruption
For further information on this session and IHIF in general, please visit www.ihif.com