Sustainability Council: Considerate design, construction and engineering

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Welcome to the first of a three-part series from our Sustainability Council, an initiative from Questex Hospitality and The Considerate Group.

In this episode we are discussing sustainable design, construction, and engineering. Rohwedder asks if it all comes back to the value of the asset? Investors in any market need to see a return on their investment. But while travellers are seeking out more sustainable destinations for leisure travel, the importance of implementing sustainable solutions at every level of the supply chain is more important than ever. Mahmoudieh adds that educating the whole supply chain is crucial as sustainable materials are often more economical in the long term, making it an attractive option for developers. International developers are seeking more sustainable options and open to working with architects who can implement local and considerate development said Dunkin. 

We need to reconsider how we redefine sustainability for business. Sustainability is very much about innovation and creativity, Zu Hohenlohe said and finding that balance between what architects can achieve and what investors need is also very important. 

Thanks to our council members for their inspirational contribution to this increasingly important  topic. The sustainability council will be meeting at IHIF 2021 to continue the conversation. You will find several topics on ESG in this year's programme, take a look over here to find out more. 

Elodie Casola Dunkin, Marketing & Communications Director, Arum Group

Yasmine Mahmoudieh, Architect & Designer, Yasmine Mahoudieh

Julie Rey-Gore, Content Dorector, Questex Hospitality & Travel

Gesa Rohwedder, Head of Hospitality, Drees & Sommer

Xenia Zu Hohenlohe, Partner & Founder, Considerate Group