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Understanding Risks in Hotel Technology & Security


Should hotels maintain their current PMS or invest in new, modern solutions? In this whitepaper we look at the pros and cons and analyze the financial and security risks related to new hotel technology solutions.

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    In The Eye Of The Storm

    Inflation is the single most important topic of disagreement amongst policymakers and market participants today and the hospitality industry is in the eye of the storm. The sector is one of those directly influenced by both economic and socio-political developments. Higher food costs, commodities, wage costs and labour shortages will all have an impact.

    How will changes at a macroeconomic level affect hotels? Find out more in our latest research report.

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    Hospitality Investor Sentiment Assessment Lite Q2 2021

    The release of the Q2 Assessment has revealed a significant level of optimism for the bounce-back of the hospitality sector amongst investors, with hotels holding the key to the recovery.

    Which asset classes are most favoured? Where are they looking to invest?

    Download the Q2 assessment to gain some exclusive insights from the leading investors in the hospitality sector.

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    Podcast - In Focus
    In this week's podcast, Rita Marques, Portugal's Secretary of State for Tourism, joins us to discuss travel and tourism in Portugal the impact of travel restrictions for the country's international tourist sector and their strategy to ensure it remains a prime location for external investors in hospitality and tourism. 
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    Podcast - In Focus
    How has the meaning of luxury changed during the pandemic and the importance of design as it evolves? Maria Vafiadis, Founder and Managing Director, MKV Designs will be speaking at IHIF on the session, Luxury: What does it Mean Now? Register today to secure your ticket.  In this week's podcast, we sat down with Maria to discuss the design process, how it is evolving and why investors are increasingly interested in sustainability matters.