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Profit Talks – Revenue Revival


4 May 2021 | In collaboration with: HotStats

Join Hospitality Insights and HotStats on 4 May at 16:00 BST for an in-depth discussion with industry executives on trends and tips to generate revenue, from the Rooms department and beyond, when demand is down, but on the rebound.

  • INtel – A Bimonthly Guide

    Intel Feb. 2021 Stakeholder Alignment: The Value of Brands

    Welcome to the first of our INtel of 2021. In this issue, we’re going to look in-depth at Stakeholder Alignment. 

    Relations between hospitality stakeholders, particularly hotel owners and brands, have always been a delicate balance. 2020 has thrown in a whole new level of complexity as all parties were trying to keep their businesses alive. Will lessons be learnt from the pandemic on how to improve these relations?

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    The pandemic has changed every aspect of travel. When, how and if we can and, as the spreading of the virus shifts, so must the approach to travel.