Sustainability for investment, development and operations

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Sustainability has been gaining momentum in the hospitality industry for the last number of years but since the pandemic we have seen it accelerate and become a lot more than just a marketing term.

"ESG has matured within the asset management industry. It is no longer considered a marketing term but involved in the decision making process. It is a very different conversation to what it was 3-4 years ago." said Papasavvas, CFA, CIO & Founder, ABP Invest when commenting on the results of Questex's fourth quarterly investor sentiment assessment for 2020 in February of this year. 

We have asked the industry how ESG is shaping the future of hospitality. What innovations are required to really drive this change, how are businesses adapting and will we see a longterm change?

As we report on the developments within the investment, development and operational landscape, our latest findings have shown that ESG has now beocme a higher priority for all stakeholders.