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In Focus: Mixed-use developments with Accor's Agnès Roquefort

“Positivity, humility, and connectivity” are the words Agnès Roquefort uses to describe her role at Accor this past since November 2020. 

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    Scandic Hotels Group said that it was turning to students and coworking to drive additional revenue.
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    With the traditional hotel investment moving into the mainstream, investors looking for greater returns have shown themselves prepared to take greater risks and look on the periphery, at what has become known as ‘adjacent spaces’.
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    Radisson has launched hybrid guest rooms and hybrid meetings rooms at the launch of the Radisson Collection Hotel, Grand Place Brussels.
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    The pandemic has been very big on ‘quick! Change your lives!’ as though the threat has driven us all into existential crises where we question ourselves down to our very toenails.
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    Scandic Hotels has become the latest company to offer coworking at its properties, at around 270 locations in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Germany and Poland.
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    Ruby Hotels is planning to open a 150-room hotel and 1,700 m2 of co-working space in Stuttgart’s Gerber shopping centre in 2023.